Get involved in your community! Some might say “it’s all about who you know.” Having a large network certainly doesn’t hurt anything. Humans are social beings who can find great meaning in collaboration. Much of what we value today was developed by people coming together.

Volunteer opportunities in or near Marshall

Volunteer opportunities across the U.S.

National & Global

  • AmeriCorps VISTA
  • PeaceCorps 
  • International Volunteer Program Association  – Great starting point for checking out lists of international service organizations that have been screened for factors that help to ensure safe, productive, high-quality experiences.
  • Best Volunteer Abroad Websites – A list of volunteer abroad sites with time-span commitments from two weeks to two-plus years.
  • Half the Sky Partners – A list of partner organizations–those with high ratings as NGOs–with the Half the Sky Movement, committed to ending the oppression of girls and women worldwide.  Organizations address related social problems of poverty, illiteracy, hunger, and human trafficking (to name a few).