Currently, Healthy56258 is structured as follows:

Co-chairs are selected by the steering committee for a two-year term and charged with:

  • setting agenda of steering committee meetings,
  • facilitating steering committee meetings,
  • being a resource to the executive director,
  • providing a “face” of Healthy56258 as a whole, and
  • facilitating communications and activities between sectors as necessary.

The executive director is selected by the steering committee as a contracted, grant-funded position, charged with:

  • developing, implementing, and administering cost effective programs with a focus on health-related drivers of increased physical activity and improved healthy eating;
  • implementing action plans for effective and sustainable policy, system, and environmental change programs that increase physical activity and increase nutrition education with mindfulness of equity; and
  • communicating a comprehensive plan for sustainable change that links Healthy56258’s mission and strategies in order to increase community knowledge of physical activity and healthy eating and influence perceptions and behavior.

A steering committee comprised of eight to ten people has decision making authority for Healthy56258. The team members, who will also commit to a two-year term, include: co-chairs, representatives from a cross section of community, and the VISTA or other project staff. Once funded and hired, the executive director will report to this group.

The steering committee is charged with:

  • overseeing performance, alignment, and accountability related to mission, strategy, goals, and objectives,
  • making administrative decisions,
  • identifying opportunities to bring in community collaborative members,
  • carrying “big picture” work forward between meetings,
  • participating as voting members,
  • having authority to determine strategic direction of Healthy56258,
  • adopting annual program plan (including strategy selection) and budget, and
  • electing co-chairs.

The community collaborative includes members of the former operations team and sector teams. Members of the community collaborative will be called “stakeholders.”  It is a larger group of all-sector leadership from a cross section of the community charged with carrying out specific tasks related to strategy implementation, communication, etc. There is no size limit or term requirement for the community collaborative and members will be free to participate or not participate depending on their skills and interests in Healthy56258 projects.

The community collaborative and steering committee chose to build on their coalition structure and pursue a long-term model that establishes Healthy56258 as a program housed under a fiscal sponsor and/or an anchor organization. Healthy56258 would continue to be structured as above with the addition of an executive director to manage day-to-day operations and implementation.

Fiscal host is defined by the National Council for Nonprofits as “a nonprofit organization that provides fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services to help build the capacity of charitable projects.”

Anchor institution is an evolving concept that is loosely defined by the Anchor Institutions Task Force of Marga Incorporated (2013) as place-based institutions that aid local efforts to address societal problems and assist in building a more democratic, just, and equitable society.

We thank the Marshall Area YMCA for agreeing to be our fiscal host and Southwest Minnesota State University for agreeing to be our anchor institution.