MinnesotaCare (MNCare)

MNCare is a health care program for uninsured working Minnesotans. It does not pay for past medical bills. It is for Minnesota residents (or qualifying non-citizens) who meet income and other eligibility guidelines. It takes 30-45 days to process an application.

Enrollees pay a monthly premium based on family size, income, and the number of people in their family who are covered. Children under age 21 who meet a lower income guideline pay a fixed premium of $4 a month. Coverage starts the first of the month after payment is received. Continued coverage depends on timely payment of premiums. Enrollees must complete a renewal application every year. Double check the qualification guidelines to determine eligibility.

Address: 607 W. Main Street

Phone: 507-537-6747 (Marshall) or 1-800-657-3672 (toll-free)


Application: Print off a form from the Minnesota Department of Human Services, apply online on the MNCare website or apply in person at some county human service agencies (SWHHS – Marshall).