Healthy56258 has previously been funded by grant money allocated by The Schwan Food Company. The organization was awarded a grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota to be used for health and wellness initiatives, and The Schwan Food Company made the decision to direct a portion of those funds to Healthy56258. Those funds allowed the initiative to move forward in achieving greater efficiency and to begin making our name and mission known in the community.

Healthy56258 hired North Sky Health Consulting of Minneapolis in 2015 to assist with organization infrastructure and development of a business plan. This assistance guided us in forming our current structure, allowing us to strategically plan and coordinate, including our search for an executive director. Our team is composed of passionate and dedicated volunteers, however, we are now at the point that stagnation of any kind is detrimental to our success of making Marshall a healthier place to live, work, and play. With a full-time executive director, Healthy56258 has consistent support, providing stability and sustainability to this cause.

Additionally, funds were allocated to Lunch, Learn, and Launch, a one-day awareness event hosted in April 2015 at the Marshall Area YMCA. In coordination with the Statewide Health Improvement Program, we invited over 60 employers in Marshall and the surrounding area to gather together to discuss current strategies to improve health in the workplace. A panel of worksite wellness experts gathered to discuss common challenges, provide success stories, and answer questions from guests. The goal of the event was to discuss current worksite wellness strategies and collaborate on improving and implementing new ones to not only encourage healthy lifestyles, but to improve economic development through increased productivity and reduced absenteeism. The event provided an opportunity for the Statewide Health Improvement Program to present on their worksite wellness initiative; seven organizations signed up for the initiative, resulting in an outreach to more than 3,000 employees.

How can you help?

Healthy56258 is looking to fund an executive director position through grant money and community support. A grassroots initiative can only be sustainable with the help of the community it is serving. We have a variety of levels for charitable contribution in our sponsorship level form. We are searching for local organizations willing to commit to an annual donation of up to $10,000 for five years to sustain this position. Businesses unable to contribute at this level, but wanting to show support, have several options including in-kind donations to help the executive director perform his or her job to full capacity. Once the executive director is funded and hired, that individual is responsible for locating funds for Healthy56258 initiatives and programs that emphasize healthy eating and active living.