Who is Healthy56258?

Healthy56258 is a community grassroots initiative that aims to establish and sustain a culture of health and wellness. Our vision is to improve healthy eating and physical activity through strategically selected projects and programs. Healthy56258 has an active coalition that consists of a cross-section of community stakeholders passionate about creating positive change in the health of the community in which they live, work, and play.

What does Healthy56258 do?

Healthy56258 takes two approaches to ensure synergy across community health improvement efforts, while implementing strategies to improve nutrition and physical activity in Marshall.

Our first role is as a connector, in which we will foster valuable partnerships and connections between health advocates who aim to help Marshall become a healthier place to live. Our second role is as an executor, in which we will pursue and offer resources to actualize projects that align with our mission, vision, and a clear set of criteria. Projects range in size from small scale, short-term events focused on building awareness of a health concern or community barrier to wellness to large-scale initiatives aimed at policy, system, and environmental change that result in long-term, sustainable change.

Who does Healthy56258 serve?

Healthy56258’s goal is to reach the diverse population who work, play, and live in Marshall and the surrounding areas. According to the 2013 U.S. Census Bureau, we have the potential to reach approximately 23,000 people. By encouraging healthy lifestyles, we not only impact the individual, but an entire community and the businesses that thrive on that population. Healthy communities foster economic development and, in return, improved economic development advances better health. Healthy56258 collaborates with organizations, businesses, and individuals to foster a healthy environment to help our community grow.

What is the goal of Healthy56258?

To establish and sustain a culture of health and wellness in the Marshall community. The organization will accomplish this through providing more opportunities for and better access to healthy eating and active living.

How is Healthy56258 going to achieve this goal?

Healthy56258 will utilize two approaches to achieve its goal.

  • The first is policy, system, and environmental change (PSE), an approach that leads to long-term, sustainable change by examining and influencing city policies/regulations, systems, and environment to ensure all initiatives undertaken by Healthy56258 impact all community members.
  • The second is a collective impact approach that works across all community sectors (healthcare, school, worksite, community at large, community institutions, and health equity) to collaborate on community needs and work toward an established goal.
What are the benefits of supporting Healthy56258?
  • Worksite wellness assistance leads to increased employee productivity and reduced absenteeism. Both lead to better employee retention and improved business and community economic development.
  • Addressing man-made barriers (i.e., policy, systems, and environmental) can help make healthy eating and active lifestyles an easier choice, which leads to improved health equity for all community members.
  • Collaboration between public and private community partners uses financial and human resources more efficiently, which maximizes the impact of local wellness initiatives and programs.
  • Businesses and agencies that partner with Healthy56258 increase their brand visibility and gain a reputation as organizations that value the health of community members.
How would partnering with Healthy56258 lead to a return on investment (ROI)?
  • By focusing on increasing the wellness of community members that live, work, and play in Marshall, we can decrease dollars spent on employee health care and health-related absence. Many chronic diseases like heart disease, stroke, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers are preventable. Changing the behavior of only a few people at a business or in a community can have a big financial and health impact.  Consider these statistics:
    • $1.5 trillion is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate of money spent as a result of chronic disease in the U.S. in 2005 according to Johnson & Johnson. However, efforts toward preventive health care was lower than $10 per person (http://www.jnj.com/sites/default/files/pdf/prevention-and-wellness.pdf).
    • If we can prevent one heart bypass surgery, that is a savings of $90,000 to $200,000 (http://health.costhelper.com).
    • Obese adults spend 42 percent more on direct healthcare costs than adults who are a at a healthy weight (http://stateofobesity.org/healthcare-costs-obesity )
    • Obesity is associated with job absenteeism, costing approximately $4.3 billion annually and with lower productivity while at work, costing employers $506 per obese worker per year ((http://stateofobesity.org/healthcare-costs-obesity ).
    • People with diagnosed diabetes incur average medical expenditures of about $13,700 per year, of which about $7,900 is attributed to diabetes.  Type 2 diabetes, which is largely preventable, accounts for 90 to 95 percent of all diabetes cases (www.diabetes.org).
  • Other important projects (i.e., bike trail to Camden, Amateur Sports Center facilities, playground at MARSH, EBT/credit/debit accepted at the Farmer’s Market, etc.) in Marshall were successful due to the dedicated efforts of broad partnerships. Healthy56258 can serve as a connector for partners interested in improving nutrition and active lifestyles in Marshall. By sharing resources around common goals, each organization’s financial contribution will have greater community impact.
How can Healthy56258 be sustainable?
  • Healthy56258 can only be sustained by community organizations sharing common goals, time, in-kind contributions, and financial resources. A “grassroots” approach with rotating committee membership will help Healthy56258 maintain diverse representation and lend itself to actionable outcomes. A full-time executive director will further support sustainability by tracking the progress of initiatives and creating new community partnerships.
What makes this different from MyMarshall?
  • MyMarshall had the broad goal of helping Marshall grow and prosper as a community. It was entirely volunteer driven and provided a forum for public and private leaders to meet and discuss strategies and report progress on a wide range of initiatives (i.e., Southwest Amateur Sports Center and Marshall GreenStep).
  • While MyMarshall served a valuable purpose at the time, Healthy56258 is based upon a “business plan,” will be led by a full-time executive director, and have clearly defined outcomes focused on community health initiatives.
How will the executive director position be funded?
  • Healthy56258 will be supported by contributions from community businesses and organizations making five-year commitments for financial support. Additional funding will be sought from community and regional grants that focus on nutrition and active lifestyles.
Are there other initiatives like Healthy56258 that have proven to be successful?
  • Get Fit Itasca
    • Began with one full-time, and has grown into three full-time, positions.
  • Pipestone Active Living
    • Began with volunteers, now with a part-time staff funded by community and grants.
What support does the executive director have?
  • The Healthy56258 executive director will be supported by a steering committee that meets at least monthly to talk about the goals, objectives, and activities of the organization. Day-to-day support will be available through an AmeriCorps VISTA member, a full-time volunteer with a focus on improving healthy living in Marshall. Additional support will be provided by various unpaid SMSU student interns. Office and meeting space and access to technology and office equipment will be provided by SMSU as the “anchor institution.”
How will Healthy56258 track its progress? What are some measureable outcomes?
  • The executive director will be responsible for using a variety of tools, provided through our stakeholders, to measure the progress for all partnership initiatives. Some examples of the tools that will be available are the 2015-2019 Community Health Improvement Plan, the 2013 Avera Marshall Community Health Needs Assessment (Avera Marshall Regional Medical Center), and the Health Impact Assessment (Southwest Regional Development Center, GreenStep).
  • The main goals of Healthy56258 are to help all Marshall community members live more active lifestyles and improve eating behavior. Specific objectives and outcomes will be determined during strategic planning sessions that will be held once the executive director has been hired.
How can Healthy56258 be contacted?

Contact us by e-mail at info@healthy56258.org or healthy56258info@gmail.com.

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