A Year in Review: 2017 and Beyond

As we work to make Marshall a healthier place in which we live, work and play in 2018 and years to come, we reflect on everything we accomplished in 2017. We’re proud to have collaborated with many organizations and individuals to create positive changes in the community and are excited to see what 2018 brings.

Marshall Farmers Market Proves the Power of Produce

The annual Marshall farmers market is the place to go if you’re looking for fresh fruits and vegetables between July and October. The local market features a variety of regional vendors providing things you might expect to find at a farmers market. But it's also known for a little bit more. Read on to learn more about the Marshall farmers market and how it's helping to create a healthier Marshall and beyond.

Celebrate a Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Day

Who doesn’t want something sweet (perhaps chocolate or candy) on Valentine’s Day? You may be thinking, “That isn’t such a bad idea,” but it doesn’t help us work toward becoming healthier versions of ourselves. This year be different. Indulge in a heart-healthy Valentine’s Day. Consider a gift that has more permanence like a hand-written note … Continue reading Celebrate a Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Day

Healthy56258 at The Marshall Farmers Market

This weekend wraps up week two of the Marshall Farmers Market. Healthy56258 has been present at both weekends of the market handing out information and free Healthy56258 water bottles to anyone that stops by! The Marshall Farmers Market has many different vendors selling all sorts of different items. From fresh produce to handmade soaps the Marshall Farmers Market … Continue reading Healthy56258 at The Marshall Farmers Market