Active Living

Yes, active living is physical activity, getting exercise. But finding ways, even enjoyable ways, to get–and remain–moving is active living, too.

Not a runner or jogger? Studies have proven that a brisk walk daily improves your health by maintaining a healthy weight; preventing or managing various conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes; strengthening your bones and muscles; improving your mood; and improving your balance and coordination (Mayo Clinic 2016). Active living can include leisure and recreational activities like playing frisbee, riding a bike, playing hopscotch, intramural sports, group fitness classes, or walking with friends.

Healthy56258 is committed to increasing active living opportunities for the people of Marshall. Healthy eating and active living are equally important to living a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we want to incorporate short-term awareness projects and implement and improve long-term, sustainable initiatives to ensure our community members of all ages and walks of life have access to these opportunities.